Welcome to MBEC! We are an Engineering Architectural & Consulting firm based in Kuwait. The company was founded in 2015 by Eng. Maha Bouqammaz.

We can provide all kinds of services for either governmental projects or private sector customers. No job is too simple or too complex. Instead, our focus is to make sure that customers are always happy with their experience and that is exactly what you will receive from us no matter the situation.

Our team consists of 15 employees. We have planners and qualified engineers with a lot of experience in the industry. We truly believe in quality and assistance, and with our help you will have no problem taking your project to new heights.

MBEC brings you high standard services in the field of project management, interiors, planning, engineering and architecture. We are using all our knowledge and expertise to provide you with high standard results and a very good value no matter the situation. We understand how crucial it is to get the ultimate value for your money, and with our help you really get to have all of that.


Our Vision

MBEC is committed to provide the state-of-the art engineering and consultancy services to clients to provide the best services possible with the highest care for quality and client satisfaction. We aim to be the Engineering Consultants of choice renowned for delivering positive and enduring impact on the global market.

Our Mission

To achieve sustainable outcomes for communities and deliver a portfolio of quality developments that enriches people’s lives.

Core values

MBEC is a very dependable company. We guarantee that we always live up to our words and make sure that you are fully happy with the process. On top of that, we strive for delivering excellence and quality in everything that we do. In fact, we put all our hearts and effort to ensure that you always get an astonishing set of results and a tremendous experience.

We also have a lot of commitment and focus. We make sure that we understand your requirements and stick to them all the time. There will always be tricky situations to handle, which is why we are fully committed to making things work no matter what. In addition, with our help you can easily complete your project the way you always wanted. Get in touch with MBEC today and use our services, we guarantee that you will be very happy with the results!