The Youth City is intended to be unique in Kuwait and the region as a whole; it re-defines how students in the specific age-group access education while making the transition into university. Envisaged as a completely self-contained centre for education; Youth City will offer students an unparalleled mix of comprehensive services and facilities within a setting designed with education as its main focus. While ensuring traditional customs are respected, each facet of providing and receiving an education is being re-evaluated to ensure Youth City leads the way in how an educational centre of excellence is achieved.

Inspired by how earth dries up and cracks to form natural ‘streets’ and ‘pathways’ the Youth City conceptual idea is based on buildings sharing a common architectural framework while being distinctly unique and recognisable. The scale has been moderated with building lines and the landscaping flowing across the site blen ding with each other and providing a soft background with key structures puncturing the fabric to become landmarks. The human scale is important and buildings are not supposed to overpower but support and enhance the interaction that is crucial to good education.